How To Choose A Software Requirements Model

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Do you find that you’re always trying to use process flows on your projects, but they just don’t seem to fit your needs?

Do you need to start modeling requirements, but can’t quite decide what models to use?

There are quite a few requirements models out there to choose from, ranging from the mundane (process flow), to the amorphous (use case) to the exotic (fishbone diagram). Knowing which models may be most helpful to you can be a bit tricky, but the following tips can help!

Choosing the Right Software Requirements Model

If your application has:

  • Lots of User Interaction – useful models can be Org Charts, Use Cases, System Context Diagrams
  • A Complex UI – useful models can be Org Charts, Use Cases, Wireframes
  • Lots of Involvement with Different Systems – useful models can be System Context Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams
  • Data Processing – useful models can be Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, System Context Diagrams

And don’t stop with these – there are many other models to explore! Take the plunge, and break away from process flows today!

Check out these detailed explanations.

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