Getting ready for CES 2012: Product Management Gone Wild?

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Share This Post week is the yearly techie pilgrimage to Las Vegas to visit the nexus of tech that is CES.

This year, I’m excited that startups have been integrated along with the big names we’re used to, like Intel and Microsoft. (I wonder if the rumors are true that Microsoft will not be at CES next year?) I’m also looking forward to seeing lots of concept cars from Mercedes Benz, and to hear from Dieter Zetsche.

Can’t wait to check out all sorts of innovations in phones, computers, games, tablets, cameras, and TVs. CES includes almost any gadget you can think of; I’m curious to see what new household products we’ll see. Maybe an internet connected dishwasher that automatically orders more JetDry on Amazon? I wonder what will make it through the Last Gadget Standing competition?

What can a product manager learn from some of the more dubious gadgets at CES (not)?
Here’s a brief tongue-in-cheek list for your consideration:
1. If you build it, they will come…provided you have great give-aways at your booth.
2. More features are better…especially if they are shiny, or glow.
3. Who’s the audience for that feature? Does anyone really want to know? (Dubious gadget product design teams know the “U” in “UI” means “u designers,” and if u designers think it’s cool, that’s all that’s needed to go to market.)
4. Innovation exists in inverse relationship to battery life.
5. “M” is the magic letter…make it mobile, make it mini, make it micro-sized, even if it’s a kitchen appliance. (Hhhm, an internet connected dishwasher that’s GPS-enabled to source JetDry while on the road, that fits in your car and is ready for camping…)

Of course, if you want useful information for product management, you might do better here.

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