From the Microsoft Press Blog: A deeper dive into Visual Models for Software Requirements

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Microsoft Press announced our new book in a recent blog post, a post that takes a deeper dive into some of Visual Model for Software Requirement’s features and content.

For example, Microsoft Press shares a bit about the Models Quick Start approach, including a sample process flow:

“This book contains a tremendous amount of information to absorb about models. The prospect can be overwhelming, so we have developed a way for you to get started with models that uses as few models as possible but still creates significant value for projects. This quick-start method fits most IT-based projects. The following Process Flow provides an overview of this approach.”

“As shown in the diagram, you start by creating the Process Flows. Next, you create a Requirements Mapping Matrix (RMM) based on the Process Flow steps. Then you create Display-Action-Response (DAR) models for screens and map them against business processes. Finally, you create Data Dictionaries to ensure that all fields are covered and that the validation rules are known.

This leaves out a lot of the value of the other models, but it is a series of steps that can be adopted without major upheaval. The result is that your requirements will be organized by process steps and your screens will also be mapped to process steps to ensure that the key processes are satisfied by the user interface.”

We’ve gotten our first copy in hand, and can’t wait to hear what you think!
Visual Models for Software Requirements can be ordered here:

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