Editor’s Choice: Gathering Requirements for Migration Projects, Part 1

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Not only are we posting “Commenter’s Choice” blog posts through this holiday season, we’re also posting “Editor’s Choice” posts — those blog posts which have been linked to by other sites, and which are perennial favorites for people clicking through. A classic example: “Gathering Requirements for Migration Projects Part 1” linked to on Scott Sehlhorst’s blog.

Joy Beatty wrote, “Many IT projects I have written requirements for are focused on migrating existing functionality to a new system. The goal of the project may be to move to a new platform, build a new system from the ground up with the exact same functionality, or to move a piece of functionality from one system to another. Justifications for such projects include moving off an unsupported technology, gaining performance improvements or integrating with other enterprise systems.

The requirements gathering effort for migration projects is notably different than for a new system being built from scratch or for adding new functionality to an existing system. At a high level, the distinctions are in scope definition, understanding original business needs, working with end users, discovering the end-to-end functionality and IT involvement. …

As with any project, the scope definition on a migration project is critical. …”

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