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Are you attending REET’10 or RE’10 in Sydney Australia?

If you are going to either of these Requirements Engineering speaking engagements don’t miss out on another event.

The Sydney DAMA chapter is hosting Joy Beatty and she is presenting:

Visualization using RML®: A Practical Suite of Requirements Models

ArgonDigital is a professional services company based in Austin, Texas, focused exclusively on software requirements. The ArgonDigital mission is simple: to revolutionize the way companies create software requirements. This presentation provides an overview of ArgonDigital’s Requirements Modeling Language (RML®), a language specifically developed for modelling software requirements. While many formal modeling languages are rich in capability, they are also very challenging to roll out as general practice in industry organizations because they are complex. RML® is the bundling of common requirements models into a language that is pragmatic for anyone to learn and use.

Each model is designed to be the most simple it can be while conveying the necessary information about requirements. This enables all levels of practitioners to create them and all business experts and developers to read them easily. The use of these models helps scale requirements to many expertise levels in the organization. The presentation is targeted at practitioners whose job includes eliciting and documenting requirements. It will cover an explanation of a handful of the models (ex. context diagrams, state tables, display-action-response tables, etc.), how they enable and are used in the requirements process, the relationships between the various models, and how to select which models to use in any given situation.

Speaker Background

Joy Beatty is the Vice President of Blue Ocean Services at ArgonDigital, a professional services company based in Austin, Texas focused exclusively on software requirements. She is responsible for developing new service offerings that change the way ArgonDigital customers create requirements. Previously, as the Director of Blue Ocean Services, Joy ran all project based work, resource management and client engagements to deliver customer success. As Director and now as Vice President, Joy is helping to reinvent the requirements approach for ArgonDigital clients. She has been instrumental in developing a model-based methodology at ArgonDigital for requirements projects, including a Requirements Modeling Language. Joy has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies spanning the semi-conductor, computer manufacturing, defense, and retail industries. She has also adapted ideas from using games in training to create courses on topics including requirements best practices, elicitation and visual models for product managers and business analysts and delivered training to over 500 individuals in industry. Joy enjoys working with various communities, including IIBA, PMI, and IEEE to further business analysis best practices. She earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Purdue University.

Location and Details:

September 28th

6-7 pm

Sydney Bowlers Club

2nd floor

99 York Street,

Sydney Australia

For more information: DAMA international

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