Commenter’s Choice: CBAP Final Step – Take Exam and…

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Another Commenter’s Choice post, this one on prepping for and taking the CBAP…while pregnant!

Joy Beatty wrote, “…During the test, I definitely had this moment of thinking ‘if I don’t pass this test this time, I have no idea what would I do,’ because I truly felt prepared and that I wouldn’t know how to prepare any better than I had. And the things that were stumping me in the exam were such one-off topics that if I had gone back to memorize them for a retake, there’s no guarantee those would be the tricky questions on take two. So in the end, I was skeptical I’d ever want to go take it again! But luckily I passed. And let me tell you, when that screens flashes up, after all that hard work, I had an overwhelming sense of happiness, relief, and somewhat disbelief!

And since I did this while 7 months pregnant, I feel like the baby should get an honorary CBAP.”

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