Business Analyst Tip: The Value of Internal Reviews for BAs and BA Teams

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After working on a lengthy document that has gone through multiple personal reviews, it tends to become harder for me to catch my own mistakes. At ArgonDigital, we have internal reviews by other analysts on our project team to make sure that we articulated the requirements in a clean and manageable way.

I find internal reviews to be invaluable for catching small mistakes in polish and consistency of information. Getting a fresh pair of eyes to review a deliverable also helps find errors that I may have missed, while allowing someone else to give me constructive feedback on how the information I am trying to communicate can be better represented.

Hasn’t there been a time when you think that you created something that is very simple and easy to read, yet when the document is put in front of someone else, they just look confused? Or how about a time when you have given someone something very simple and easy to read, yet they interpret it as something entirely different? Having internal reviews help us catch these mistakes before they reach our customer’s desks. By our due diligence to provide the most polished work to our customer, we avoid longer meetings, communication gaps, and catch mistakes we normally would miss.

Internal reviews are invaluable to developing a strong business analyst team. By sharing and reviewing work, we all learn from each other. Whether it is a new technique to improve attention to detail, or a better way to organize state transitions, we all benefit from internal reviews. Even though it may take some additional time for an internal review to be completed, improving the end result is invaluable for your customers.

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