Business Analyst Assessments: Interviews and Assessment Criteria

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In my last post on the topic of Business Analyst assessments, I wrote about the types of assessments that can be done. Beyond formally assessing their skills, I would also suggest do a sampling of interviews/questionnaires to see what the BAs think their areas of weaknesses are as well. It is important to get this data from a mix of junior and senior resources. People tend to know what they need to work on, but these efforts won’t bring to light any issues in skills if the resources are not familiar enough with the skills to know they are weak.

For assessment criteria, there are a couple of resources I can suggest:

  1. As part of the documentation reviews, we use an assessment worksheet to assess projects on a consistent set of criteria. The worksheet was created for ArgonDigital internal use, but can be downloaded and updated to include items relevant to your organization.
  2. ArgonDigital also has a whitepaper “Five Steps To Building A Strong Requirements Team” which talks about the process beyond just assessments, but where they fit into the process.
  3. IIBA has a competency model and a self-assessment tool you can use.
  4. Forrester has a whitepaper on growing BAs and BA assessment workbook that I think is pretty good. They mention it in the article here.


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