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Have you ever bought something that required assembly or a new gadget/software?  Did you read the assembly instructions or the user manual?  I have an engineering background, so every once in a while I will forego the manual and just try to figure it out.  When I have the time, this works just fine.  Of course mistakes are made and it is very much a trial and error process, which is okay when you’re just messing around, but what if you are at work?  What if you had to do a job you had never done before with very limited or no instructions?  Again, there would be a lot of mistakes.

Now think about a time when you used the instruction manual.  It may not have gone flawlessly, but in my experience, it is usually much more efficient.  For example, the time I read the manual for my new smartphone, I learned there was a built in application that could copy over my data from my old smartphone.  Imagine if I had tried to figure out how to transfer my data or tried to input it manually.  That would have been a huge waste of time as compared to using the built-in app.

The same idea applies to a new job, which is why we create Playbooks.  Playbooks are guides, job requirements, or user manuals that can be used to train new hires.  They can also be used as reference materials for more experienced personnel.  Instead of your Subject Matter Expert spending an exorbitant amount of time answering everyone’s questions, we take the time to ask the questions and document the answers so that the Playbook can answer most questions.  The Playbook is more than just how to use the software.  It is loaded with practical scenarios and job specific how-to’s.  The Playbook is also intended to be a living document or site, so you can add to it as you learn.  Your SME will thank you.  Trust me.

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