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I’m an avid Disney fan and love to do parodies of Disney songs to whatever is going on in my life at the time. Currently, my life is agile; understanding agile and the challenges that come with moving to agile, teaching about agile and writing about agile. This has led me to my first requirements related Disney parody (although hopefully not the last!). So, without further ado:

Just Around the Backlog

Sung to the tune of “Just Around the Riverbend”

What I love most about agile is,

You can’t step in the same project twice.

The backlog’s always moving, always changing.

But management just can’t live like that, they all must make a choice,

To have control, they lose their chance of ever knowing

What’s around the backlog,

Waiting just around the backlog.

I look once more, just around the backlog,

Beyond design.

Where the teams run free,

And make decisions.

What I dream this sprint might send,

Just around the backlog

For me,

Coming for me…

I feel that there beyond those reqs,

Or right behind these feature trees,

Can I ignore that sound of constant coding?

For a detailed project plan that defines every single path,

And never dreams that changes might be coming?

Just around the backlog,

Just around the backlog.

I look once more, just around the backlog

Beyond design.

Somewhere past sprint 0,

With reqs stack ranked!

Why do all my teams demand

Just another backlog?

Just another backlog…

Should I choose the smoothest path,

with the least resistance?

Should I stick with waterfall?

Is all my dreaming at an end?

Or do you still wait for me, ScrumMaster

Just around the backlog.

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