A new look and feel for the Requirements Defined Blog

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Hey everyone I hope you like our new look! We have migrated our blog from blogger.com to WordPress. Well all of that is under the hood, so why should you care? It turns out that WordPress makes it much easier for you to get the information you are looking for.

Here are some of the benefits that we see for you and for us:

1) categories will let you browse for the information you want more easily and to setup feeds for the areas that you are most interested in.

2) organizing posts by person will let you follow specific posters rather than reading every post by every person

3) improved search capability so you can search for the keywords you are looking for

4) improved comment tracking capability so we can know when there are comments and reply more quickly

That being said, you will probably find glitches, we would appreciate it if you report them to us at info@argondigital.com so we can provide the best requirements blogging experience.

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