5 Big CaliberRM Gotchas And How To Fix Them Part 2

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In my last post, I covered three different CaliberRM issues that we’ve found with CaliberRM. In this one, I’ll be covering five more.

Individual Object Delete

If you paste into CaliberRM and it doesn’t look right, it will be extremely difficult to delete it because you can’t highlight and select the delete key. You have to select each individual object and then right click and select delete. Trust me this is hard. The easiest solution is to cancel the save operation and it will revert back to the original state. CTRL-Z also does not work.

Tables From Word Are Too Big

Sometimes if you paste tables from Word they get messed up with one table going off to the right off the edge of the screen. In this case cancel the edit and then paste each table individually.

Caliber Shows Wrong Names

Sometimes caliber will show the wrong names in the tree structure as you click around. Don’t worry about it is just a screen defect.

Adding Files Only Adds A Reference

Do not use your local system as a reference. The best thing is to link to a UNC in SharePoint or other document management system. This isn’t as easy as you would think. With SharePoint, you need to view your file share in an explorer window. Navigate to the correct place. Paste the directory into the reference dialog box, then right click on the file select rename, copy the name, then paste the name into the dialog box. If you lose the link to the file i.e. kill vpn to SharePoint, CaliberRM will show the link as unknown. But once you restore the VPN connection it will be able to find the file if you try to double click it.

Adding Web Links Doesn’t Work

Adding web links seems to not work at all. You click the button and it just creates a blank link.

What workarounds, tips or tricks have you found in CaliberRM? We’d love to hear about them. Post them here or on our messageboard. If you have something that you’d like us to cover, let us know we’ll do a post on it as well.

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