Case Study: Pharmacy Development Services – Analytics Lead to Insights

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This case study highlights how our team at ArgonDigital helped Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) develop a unique and game-changing product for their members. 

Some background: PDS provides management and therapeutic consulting services to small retail pharmacies. Pharmacists are experts in dispensing therapeutics, not in the complexities of pharmacy management. PDS addresses this skill gap and provides a range of business services to their customers like accounting, bookkeeping, operations, marketing, and management consulting. 

You can read more about PDS and their specific need in the case study. However, the gist is that pharmacists want to deliver the best therapeutic outcomes for their customers, while also managing their business in a responsible way. The custom solution we designed and built helped them convert massive amounts of data into real-time insights that pharmacists could use when recommending therapeutics.

Download the case study below to hear more about the problem we were helping PDS solve and how we used Matillion and Redshift to consume, enrich, and normalize data sets consisting of hundreds of millions of records.

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