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We like to start by Googling the website to discover the customer journey to the company. It seems like there are a lot of websites out there that say Quantum Nutrition Labs. We clicked on one and it definitely doesn’t look like the website of our company. Same name and same logo, but what are we looking at? Is this a reseller maybe? This is very confusing. Is this an SEO problem or something that lawyers should take a look at? This other website has the name Quantum Nutrition Labs all over it.

When we get to the correct site, it looks so much better. The home page real estate is being eaten up by this pretty animation, but at least it looks legit, unlike those other sites. However, If I’m looking for supplements and nutrition, this gives us a fairy magic vibe. If you’re looking for something science-y, it’s not here. The 5 common health concerns content looks pretty clip-arty as well.

We go to the clearance products, because who doesn’t like to save money? The images are small and there isn’t much product information on the product list. We’d probably have to drill down to get information. And there’s no buy button on this product page! It’s nice that the bigger discounted items are at the top of the list though. Better photography of the product would really help.

Drilling down to a product detail, we get pictures of the bottle. The buy button is small, towards the bottom, and indistinct. “People who bought this also bought” to the right of the product? It’s a little distracting. There are icons/symbols on the page that are unique to the company and they aren’t helpful. Information about the company and quality are important, but it should be more accessible. The “get perks” video wasn’t very useful at all either; it didn’t teach us anything about how or why to sign up for perks.

Discover More takes you to A LOT of content. This could be helpful for SEO. Don’t make customers click a tab to get once sentence though! There are contact links, but when I click on the email link I get a lot of pictures of team members. Don’t give people an email form AND an email address. Customers will cut and paste into their email application; why not just have that open their default email application ready to go?

Also, why did the “people also bought” at the bottom of the page NOT match the “also bought” on the side of the page? We clicked on one of these things from that list, but we couldn’t tell it had added it to the cart. The add to cart experience is different depending on where you select it! We added the same product 4 times before we figured that out.

The cart experience is nice and clean. But when we clicked to learn more about autoship, we got a REALLY big image and have to scroll down to get to the actual information. Now we’re confused about the difference between perks and autoship and awards. It’s not clear what the benefits are and how/why I should sign up. Okay, we finally figured out that signing up for perks gets us a $5 store credit, but we had to search to find that. Also, it would be nice if the cart tells us about the free shipping offer too, so we could decide to add more product to our order to meet that minimum.

We did a GT Metrix peek at the site’s performance rating. It’s not scoring very well – a D. Some things will really hit you on this, like optimizing images. The total size on the home page is very large.

Using Built With, we notice Dot Digital, MouseFlow, Google Tag Manager, Magento 2.3 Enterprise. From a tech stack standpoint it looks like they’re doing the right thing.

If you want to watch the recording check it out here.

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