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We teach teams to deliver business value.

Download our Requirements Models Templates

ArgonDigital helps teams stop delivering wasteful solutions by training them to meet the organization’s business objectives.

You can build a team of capable people and show them the techniques to be successful. It’s just hard for teams to adopt them.

Solutions Achieve Business Objectives

Are you wasting your organization’s money by building the wrong solutions?

Training that Changes Behavior

Can’t justify spending money on training? Are your employees worried they aren’t growing their skill sets?

Produce Consistent Business Analysis Deliverables

Are your teams creating inconsistent deliverables? Are your teams unable to drive alignment across stakeholders?

Create a Self-Sufficient Product Management Team

Do your teams think they are doing great work, but you don’t trust they can prioritize user stories, elicit from difficult stakeholders, or capture all the important requirements?

What to expect when working with ArgonDigital.

At ArgonDigital, we’ll help you build a team that delivers valuable solutions. Imagine not having to micromanage your team because you’re confident that they have the tools to be successful and deliver products that users adopt while also aligning to your overall business objectives.

We’ll collaborate with you to ensure your team will be able to visually elicit and document requirements using the Requirements Modeling Language (RML™), helping to ensure there are no gaps or conflicts in requirements and to ensure all requirements actually deliver business value. This will free you and other managers to focus on the big picture and allow your teams to work efficiently and autonomously.

Reach out and together we can dig into your current requirements documentation and processes to determine if our training will be a good fit.

Train Your Team to Learn the Skills They Need.

How do you get your product managers, business analysts, and systems engineers to adopt the requirements skills that will lead to successful projects? 

Requirements Fundamentals

Requirements Fundamentals

BAs, Product Managers, and Systems Engineers learn requirements core concept skills.

Elicitation & Facilitation

Elicitation & Facilitation

Develop skills to uncover and understand stakeholder requirements, including  difficult ones.

Requirements Visualizations

Requirements Visualizations

Embrace a toolbox of techniques to ensure requirements are prioritized, important, and complete.

Technology Training

Technology Training

Develop skills to deploy specific technologies.

We’ve helped thousands of people learn how to do excellent requirements elicitation and analysis to deliver successful projects.

We understand how it feels to know your team is so capable of success but haven’t been able to connect the dots to deliver consistently.

eCommerce Solutions

Virtual Business Analyst Training

Customers have asked us to train their teams virtually while everyone is working from home and unable to travel during the pandemic. We think this style of training will be helpful to global companies even after things return to normal.

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We literally wrote the book.

Our secret sauce is the product management approach we bring to 100% of our projects. We’ve published two books on product management techniques and contributed to three industry guides. We love sharing what we’ve learned.


Experience Product Management Growth

At ArgonDigital, we know you are the kind of people who want to deliver successful software solutions that users adopt and generate business value. In order to deliver that, you need teams who consistently apply business analysis and product management methodologies on their projects.

The problem is teams have different backgrounds, experiences, skills, techniques, and even if you train them, it’s not clear they’ll adopt the concepts. This can feel insurmountable.

We believe managers ought to trust they can bring together smart and capable people on their teams and that the teams will deliver excellent results in a consistent manner without having to micromanage them. It’s also not ok to let your teams flounder without giving them the tools and support they need to succeed.

That’s why we at ArgonDigital help managers stop their teams from delivering wasteful solutions by training the teams how to meet the organization’s business objectives.

Here’s how it works – you can set up a call with one of our training experts to evaluate your requirements health. Together, we’ll determine if we are the right fit to help grow your team. Then we will help you define your desired outcomes, create a training and coaching vision, and recommend a solution to achieve them. After training, we’ll circle back to measure the success of it right alongside you.

All of this, so that you can stop investing money in solutions that don’t work.

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The combination of pandemic and moving to a rural community has increased the amount of shopping I do online, but even before those events I found myself depending more and