Sales and Use Tax Compliance for Dummies eBook

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Our friends at Avalara have worked with the “for Dummies” publisher to produce a fantastic eBook that all of us who operate a small business should read, the Sales and Use Tax Compliance for Dummies. Unless you happen to be a former sales tax auditor, I think you will get something useful out of this informative book! This 44 page PDF is a fast read but very thorough and covers topics that are relevant to any eCommerce merchant, regardless of if you are selling direct to consumers, businesses, retailers, or distributors.  One of the sections that I found most useful were the pages discussing sales taxes in the supply chain. It’s confusing enough to know when you need to collect sales tax for retail sales, but when dealing with sales inside the supply chain it gets very confusing and perilous — particularly with drop shipping.

You can download the book here.  Happy sales taxing!

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