Using Product Attributes in Promotions

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Magento provides robust tools for managing your eCommerce site. While you will want expertise to set up, get your site going, provide guidance, manage customizations, and keep it performing at a high level, if the site is built right the first time – you shouldn’t have to hire a eCommerce Web Development Company or Magento Website development experts to use Magento’s built in powerful features such as Promotions. With a little know how you will be managing your business’ promotions like a Pro.

In this tutorial we will show you how to use your business’ unique product information to create Shopping Cart Price Rules (aka Promotions). After this tutorial you will have the knowledge to create promotions based on your custom attributes in Magento and draw users to your site.

This tutorial uses Community 1.9 but should be applicable to other versions of Magento. We demonstrated how to create a 10% off deal for all Purple Shoes by using:

  • Magento Configurable Products (although this can be applied to any product type)
  • Magento Attributes
  • Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules

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