Magento 2 & Vue Storefront

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We’ve seen a big bump in requests for Progressive Web App (PWA) type functionality from our clients and prospects.  Since we do a lot of work with Magento 2, we’re evaluating a few different front-end platforms to support headless commerce solutions on Magento.   

Recently, we decided to take Vue Storefront (VSF) for a spin with commercetools.  Branching off of what we learned there , we are starting up a similar evaluation of Vue Storefront with Magento 2.   To get the ball rolling, we’ve cloned an open source project in beta: Github VueSF & Magento 2.

Since the project we’ve cloned is still in beta, it isn’t quite full-featured just yet.  What we like so far about this project is just how easy it is to get started.  It took us less than an hour to setup and configure VueSF and connect it to one of our Magento stores.  Now, we’re digging into the details of VSF and prototyping and testing front-end customizations.  To check the current feature-set status of the beta project, check out: Supported Functional Areas.

We’ll keep you posted as we dig deeper and develop our own headless solutions with Vue Storefront and Magento.  In the meantime, reach out if you need help with one of your ecommerce projects!

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