Leveraging dotdigital as a Bronto Replacement

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Bronto Replacement

If you’re currently using Bronto for your email marketing, you probably know that it will no longer be available after May 31, 2022. You know you’ll need a Bronto replacement, but what email marketing platform should you replace it with?

Or maybe you’re looking to implement your first full-service marketing automation platform, with an email service provider (ESP) as just one feature, to take your marketing to the next level and fuel your company’s growth.

There are a lot of choices to consider out there, but one technology we like to work with is dotdigital. We have customers who like to use it on things ranging from creating a simple email campaign to running a complex omnichannel marketing plan.

Okay, but you’re going to have to tell me more….

You won’t need to hire a flock of software developer­­s to start using dotdigital’s capabilities. A wide variety of pre-built templates combined with drag and drop design tools puts your marketing team in the driver’s seat. They can start implementing their marketing plans “out of the box” without IT dependency. Pre-built integrations to all the popular ecommerce platforms mean that it will work in your ecosystem. A very short list of the existing integrations include:

  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • SalesForce
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce

Easy to format emails – you can use a drag and drop email builder or simply make use of one of 30 existing email templates to quickly put together a pleasing and effective email format.

Easily capture new email subscribers by adding a pop-over at one or more strategic locations on your site to allow your customers and potential customers to opt-in.

Use customer data to customize email content for individual recipients – you can use customer demographic data and customer history to tailor email content to customer interests. Your email can showcase up to eight items from your product catalog selected to appeal to your customer’s individual profile. If your customer is a woman who bought a running belt and a pair of trail runners last month, maybe you want to send her a selection of your hottest new running shorts and hydration packs this month!

Integrate SMS text messaging into your outreach campaigns using dotdigital’s SMS marketing tools. SMS allows you to send targeted and actionable messaging to all your customers, one individual customer, or groups of customers, while country-specific rules keep you legally compliant. SMS marketing is a good way to give your best customers those little goodies like pre-sale access and discount codes that increase their loyalty and engagement.

Create a customer journey map that allows you to define how and when you will contact customers in order to maximize engagement and conversion. You can do this by using the dotdigital automation builder tool or by using one of 30+ templates. For example, you can create a flow that sends a welcome email immediately after a new customer creates an account, a browse abandonment email 2 hours after a customer has viewed 2+ products but left your site, a shopping cart reminder email 1 day after a customer abandons a shopping cart with 1+ products in it, and a new product recommendations email 5 days after a customer has made a purchase from you.

Pull it all together with traceability and reporting – of course, metrics are the key to great marketing. You need to know what worked well, what didn’t, and adjust course to improve your outcomes. The dotdigital platform’s graphical campaign reports help you see and communicate how well an individual message or a campaign performed. Drill down capabilities let you explore metrics by segment, message variants, and level of engagement. (30-year-old men in Boston clicked through 30% of the time, but only 7% of women did. Interesting!)  This reporting is key for enabling A/B testing so that you can quickly identify and exploit what is working best in your market.

In summary, although Bronto is a decent marketing tool, dotdigital scores higher than Bronto on ease of use, and its personalization, A/B testing, and reporting capabilities are praised by the user community. If you are curious whether dotdigital is a good fit for you to replace Bronto (or simply to put a marketing automation solution place), reach out and we can chat more about it.

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