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Happy New Year! With the new year comes new sales and use tax rules. New sales and use tax rules are in effect as of January 1st 2017. It should come as no surprise that 2017 will be a year of change. To help you understand how these changes may affect your compliance obligations, our friends at Avalara have released their 2017 Sales Tax Changes report, which explains significant sales and use tax changes taking effect at both the federal and state level. This report highlights many of the big changes in the works, it’s by no means exhaustive, but it sheds light on emerging trends in sales tax laws to help guide your B2C or B2C eCommerce business.

Who should download and read the 2017 Sales Tax Changes Report?

Do you run an online B2C or B2B eCommerce store? Is 2017 the year you are taking the next step and investing in a new B2C or B2B eCommerce store? I think everyone will get something very useful out of this 2017 Sales Tax Change Report! This 11-page PDF is packed with helpful information and highlights important changes relevant to any eCommerce merchant wanting to stay ahead of sales tax and compliance rules which may affect many aspects of your business.

What will I learn if I download and read the 2017 Sales Tax Changes Report?

While it’s anyone’s guess what federal legislators will do with sales tax issues in 2017, this report provides a high level overview of key pieces of legislation awaiting consideration on Capitol Hill: the Marketplace Fairness Act, the Remote Transactions Parity Act, and the Online Sales Simplification Act, which would all authorize states to collect remote sales tax to some degree; and the No Regulation without Representation Act, which would definitively prevent states from collecting remote sales tax.

In addition to pending federal legislation, according to MultiState Insider, 2016 ushered in a lot of sales tax nexus legislation, as states attempted to overturn Quill Corp. vs North Dakota. In total, a whopping 42 bills were introduced in 16 states, but only four bills were ultimately enacted (Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Vermont) and one still in play (Ohio).

Our friends at Avalara are sales and use tax specialists, save hours of time and take advantage of their expertise and analysis to better understand where you should focus sale tax efforts in 2017 – B2C or B2C eCommerce site, they’ve got you covered. What I found the most useful is the section “Nexus Perplexus (or states take matters into their own hands…)”, it provides a great, consolidated look with links to relevant tax situations state by state – a must read for all eCommerce merchants selling across state lines.

How can I download the 2017 Sales Tax Changes Report?


Wishing you a wonderful and successful 2017! To start 2017 off right, the 2017 Sales Tax Changes Report will save you hours of valuable time – instead of sifting through 100s of pages of legislative proposals, read this summary and focus on the sales tax changes that most effect your business. For more Sales Tax reading, please visit our post on Online Sales Tax Showdown or Sales Tax Nexus: Everything You Wanted to Know.

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