Why We Love Ephesoft for Bridging the Paper-to-Digital Gap

Decreasing Paper Document Usage - Going Paperless

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The future of business may very well be a paperless paradise, but the present certainly isn’t. Here at Blue Fish, we often help our clients optimize their digital content and workflows, but what about the stacks of paper your team is still dealing with? Not only is there the challenge of digitizing roomfuls of files when implementing an ECM, there’s also the continuous paper flow of day-to-day business. Whether your team is taking in invoices or mortgage applications, those stacks can be difficult to manage efficiently.

That’s where a solution like Ephesoft swoops in with an impressive platform for capturing and extracting content in useful ways. If your company still has team members in “swivel chair” positions where they’re just moving information from one place to another, it might be time for a change. With a product like Ephesoft, team members no longer need to spend countless hours transferring data from paper documents to computers. Instead, you can reallocate your people to tasks that utilize their talents and drive your efficiency to a new level.

Decreasing Paper Document Usage - Going Paperless

Ephesoft not only digitizes your paper documents, it puts supervised machine learning to work, automating the process of making the captured data useful. In a nutshell, Ephesoft Transact does not merely OCR the image, but it actually “reads” the entire page, learning to recognize its content and structure to classify and organize the information accordingly. Pro Tip: This same magic works for documents that start out digital as well – think Word documents, PDF’s, even emails. Ephesoft figures out “what” it is, and based upon that, pulls out the relevant information so that your business can act accordingly.

Here’s what we love about Ephesoft:

Supervision. Supervised machine learning means your application will just keep getting smarter. From the very beginning, Transact is built to recognize document structure, so you’re not just getting a blob of data from your documents. But the key to long-term efficiency is that as your team supervises this process and corrects it, Transact utilizes machine learning to evolve. Every document loaded is a step toward greater efficiency.

Machine learning

There’s an app for that. There might be a number of reasons it would be more convenient for your team to upload documents from a mobile device, but don’t worry: there’s an app for that. SnapDoc integrates with the Transact platform to take document uploading on the go with your team.

Versatility & Compatibility. We’ve discussed the importance of versatile integration options when selecting an ECM in the past. The reality is that this is an important consideration for any technology you are considering for your business — getting a new product up and running can become very costly, very quickly. That’s why we love the versatile deployment options available with Transact. It can run on Windows, Linux, or even fully in the cloud, while its application connectors and APIs to make it easy for your development team to bring these features into your existing infrastructure.

Cloud document storage and processing

Scalability. Another major consideration when you are investing in tech for your business is whether it can scale with your projected growth. You want a product that won’t require replacement in a few years (incurring anew all of those pesky implementation costs). Ephesoft deployment architecture seamlessly grows with your business needs allowing you to “right size” your solution infrastructure, no migration required. Meanwhile, their Cloud HyperExtender makes it easy to tackle fluctuating document processing demands by utilizing the cloud for support during high-demand periods.

There’s even more to love when you delve into how this platform can facilitate efficiency in different industries. It has already allowed a number of our clients to reallocate their human resources away from manual data entry to jobs that utilize their talents, all while improving the overall efficiency of their businesses.

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