Webinar: Workdesk at Work – Employee Onboarding

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Part of a Series of Webinars Demonstrating How Alfresco Workdesk Solves Real World Business Problems Workdesk At Work: Employee Onboarding – Reducing Risk and Saving Money in Companies with High Growth or High Turnover

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The Workdesk at Work webinar series is aimed at helping executives, managers and architects better understand how Alfresco Workdesk can be used to help streamline content-centric processes that have been difficult to model using traditional content management solutions. Each webinar in the series emphasizes how specific, real world business processes can be facilitated in a way that follows existing work practices and provides the users with the specific information they need in a familiar user interface. This installment of the Workdesk at Work series focuses on processes related to onboarding new employees into an organization. Perhaps one of the more substantial investments a company will make in its people is the actual process of hiring them and initially setting them up. This is especially true for fast growth companies or industries with high turnover where the volume of new employees can create a huge impact on cost and effort. Typically, numerous departments are involved in this process – Human Resources, IT, Legal, Payroll, and more. In addition, outside parties can also be involved to provide services such as background checks and drug testing. During the onboarding process, documents pertaining to the new hire are typically passed around several times between the involved parties, creating issues with incorrect information, rework, delays and security risks. In this Webinar, we’ll show you how Alfresco Workdesk can be easily configured to help streamline an organization’s onboarding process. We’ll discuss ways to ensure that people participate in the right tasks with the correct information, relative to their role, whether they are internal or external resources. In addition, we’ll show how Workdesk can provide better visibility into the overall process so users can know where any bottlenecks may exist. Finally, we’ll look at how Workdesk can integrate with existing Alfresco Activiti workflows, allowing users to initiate and manage the entire employee onboarding process from within Workdesk.


Terence McDevitt, Senior Solution Architect for ArgonDigital

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