Webinar: Workdesk at Work – Contract Management

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Part of a Series of Webinars Demonstrating How Alfresco Workdesk Solves Real World Business Problems

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The Workdesk at Work webinar series is aimed at helping executives, managers and architects better understand how Alfresco Workdesk can be used to help streamline content-centric processes that have been difficult to model using traditional content management solutions. Each webinar in the series emphasizes how specific, real world business processes can be facilitated in a way that follows existing work practices and provides the users with the specific information they need in a comfortable user interface.

This Workdesk at Work installment focuses on processes related to creating, executing and archiving legal contracts within an organization. Most businesses tend to have processes for establishing legal agreements with customers, vendors and partners; sometimes well-defined and sometimes not. These processes often involve numerous manual tasks that can be incredibly inefficient and cumbersome. A significant amount of time can be wasted during this process, whether this is related to repeatedly writing similar contracts from scratch, communicating with and orchestrating various parties involved in signing contracts, or sending contracts through a review process in order to obtain approvals from internal and external legal teams. In addition to the inefficiencies with the process itself, many business struggle to properly archive their executed legal contracts in such a manner that makes it easy for future discovery, potentially exposing them to legal liabilities.

In this Webinar, we’ll show you:

– How Alfresco Workdesk and the Contract Management Template can be configured to streamline an organization’s contracts management process

– Ways to ensure that users are easily able to participate in contract management tasks relative to their role

– A demo of how to give users better visibility into the process so they can stop guessing about where a document is in the overall contract lifecycle

– How Workdesk can integrate with existing Alfresco workflows, allowing users to facilitate the entire contract management process from within Workdesk


Terence McDevitt, Senior Solution Architect for ArgonDigital

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