Webinar: Searching for the Right Solution—An Overview of SOLR on Alfresco

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Are you interested in understanding the technical benefits of moving from Lucene to SOLR? Is your organization in the process of defining an Alfresco 4.x architecture where search will be a primary use case? Do you have large amounts of content that you’ll be importing into an Alfresco 4.x repository? Have you been struggling with the administration of your SOLR index? Find out more about SOLR and whether or not it fits into your solution’s architecture by joining Blue Fish for a webinar.

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In this webinar, Blue Fish will provide a technical overview of SOLR, tips and suggestions on administering SOLR, discuss potential challenges involved with getting a SOLR index up and running and review tradeoffs between Lucene and SOLR. This webinar is primarily targeted to Alfresco administrators and technical architects.

With Terence McDevitt, Solution Architect—ArgonDigital and Gary Cox, Senior Consultant—ArgonDigital

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