Student Files Developer Bundle for Alfresco

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This video provides a demonstration of our Student Files Developer Bundle. The video walks through the features that are provided with this product for Alfresco.

In this video, we highlight the features of our Student Files Developer Bundle product. The Student Files product was created to help schools maintain an Alfresco Share Site for managing student documents.
The Student Files product adds the following features to Alfresco:

  • Synchronization with an external database table for retrieving student information
  • Creation and maintenance of a folder structure for student documents in an Alfresco Share Site
  • Automatic permission management of folders based on configured rules
  • Automated renaming and filing of documents brought into the site
  • Aspects allow for attaching student metadata to documents and student folders to make searching easy

What is the developer bundle?

  • We provide a working example solution which we demonstrate in the video
  • We also provide the necessary code and artifacts so that you can extend and customize the code as needed for your deployment
  • The developer bundle provides the tools needed to build your own custom AMP files for Alfresco

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