New Article: Resilient Documentum Workflow Integration with Automated Recovery

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Have you ever had a Documentum end-user ask you to check on a document because they launched it on a workflow and no one seems to have it in their inbox? Often when this happens, it’s because the workflow had an error along the way and is stuck in a paused state, requiring an administrator to manually intervene and resume the workflow. If your Documentum administrators are as busy as the ones I know, the last thing they have time for is baby sitting workflows.

Jamie Balling, one of the Technical Leads here at Blue Fish, developed an application that automatically detects paused workflows and automatically resumes them, freeing up the support team to focus on real fires. He just wrote a great article that describes the program, complete with sample code.

Learn more by reading Resilient Documentum Workflow Integration with Automated Recovery.

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