New Article: Making Alfresco Share Dashlets Configurable

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Josh McJilton, one of the Project Managers here at Blue Fish, has just written an article on how to make Dashlets in Alfresco Share configurable. Dashlets are like portlets or widgets that users can include on various pages in Alfresco Share (Alfresco’s collaboration system). Typical dashlets might be document-oriented (like showing a real-time list of changes to your team’s documents) or they might pull data from some external system (like showing the weather in your favorite city).

To be useful, most dashlets neet to be configurable by the end user. For example, you might want to select which team’s documents to monitor or which city’s weather to display. Dashlets themselves are pretty easy to create (it only takes a little JavaScript and some XML files), but if you want your dashlet to be configurable, it can get a little tricky.

Josh explains it all in Making Alfresco Share Dashlets Configurable.

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