John Newton Interviewed on Scobleizer

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Robert Scoble interviewed John Newton recently about Alfresco. Two things about the interview stood out to me:

  1. Scoble had an idea of what Alfresco was, and he sort of inserted that into John Newton’s mouth. I wouldn’t describe Alfresco Share the way that John did, and it was clear to me that he was using Scoble’s language for Scoble’s benefit. I’m not sure that it turned out to be a very compelling or accurate description of Alfresco.
  2. It’s clear that Scoble is focused more on Internet and Web 2.0 technologies than he is commercial/enterprise technologies like Alfresco. His questions and comments would have made more sense if Aflresco was a Web site rather than the enterprise software that it is.

At any rate, you get to see John Newton talking about Alfresco, which is always a good thing.

Watch the video here: Alfresco Enterprise Content Management on Scobelizer.

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