Intelligent Information Management across the Entire Supply Chain

M-Files’ Document Management Solution helps manufacturing companies obtain quick access to information related to jobs, customers and suppliers, no matter where the information is stored. The M-Files solution enables automation of back-office and quality processes, saving manufacturing businesses time and giving them complete visibility into their operations.

Operations at Manufacturing Plant

Full Visibility into Operations

We know that changes in demand – along with the need to keep sourcing flexible – have increased the complexity of manufacturing.

Making decisions can be challenging. Where should we buy this sub-assembly from? Where are the test certificates for this part? How should we ship this batch?

With M-Files, you can instantly access all information related to jobs, customers and vendors. From estimates to BOMs and work orders, all the way to shipping preferences, M-Files enables a complete, 360° view to support decisions that grow your business.

Efficient Back Office Processes

We understand that technology in manufacturing has been about the shop floor primarily, yet executives know that automating processes across the whole business is necessary to guarantee efficiency.

Manually keeping track of document versions, trying to memorize certification expiration dates or even just remembering where a document was stored – all of which keep your staff from focusing on more important tasks.

M-Files can automate processes such as design requests, purchase orders, and training. With prefilled templates, new documents are created with one click, and automated workflows ensure that tasks are assigned to the right person, who gets notified to take appropriate action.

Manufacturing plant
Quality Control Manufacturing

Controlled Quality and Compliance

Whether to meet customers’ specifications or to comply with ISO 9001:2015, we understand that quality is central for manufacturing companies.

It goes beyond processes and risk management, and it also means giving employees ways to effectively report deviations and promptly retrieve, for example, test certificates and parts’ origins.

With M-Files, staff can access the information they need, as well as flag and submit issues digitally for further actions. M-Files enables managers to distribute quality procedures while tracking and recording that they have been learned and followed.