Great Feedback for the Workdesk at Work Webinar Series

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The attendance at our Workdesk at Work webinar series has been fantastic!  Each installment covers a different business process that’s common to most businesses and we are planning even more.

The Workdesk at Work webinar series is aimed at helping executives, managers and architects better understand how Alfresco Workdesk can be used to help streamline content-centric processes that have been difficult to model using traditional content management solutions. Each webinar in the series emphasizes how specific, real world business processes can be facilitated in a way that follows existing work practices and provides the users with the specific information they need in a familiar user interface.

The Workdesk at Work installments will cover a variety of business processes including Contract Management, Marketing, New Employee On-boarding, Accounts Payable and Sales. Below are the topics we’ve covered or scheduled in the series thus far. Please feel free to join us or watch the recordings!

Workdesk at Work: Managing Marketing Processes

Workdesk at Work: Contract Management

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