Getting Trained on Ephesoft

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Ephesoft’s product training and certification course, an extensive 3-day tour of the product’s operation and capabilities.

The class was well prepared with detailed visual lessons and appropriately interspersed lab components, wherein we all had the chance to get our hands on the software and learn its intricacies ourselves. Course modules started with basic installation and setup, ranged through batch class creation and basic extraction logic, into advanced applications such as custom scripting, fixed form processing, and integration with external applications.

To highlight just how committed Ephesoft is to making great customer and partner relationships, Ike Kavas (CTO and Founder of Ephesoft) was on site throughout much of the course, as well as Sales Engineer Chris MacWilliams. They kept us up to speed when any individual trouble was encountered, discussed deeper specialized applications for the software, and offered a personal touch in connecting with new and potential partners.

I felt the course was well-paced, highly accessible, and friendly to attendees with a wide gamut of prior experience. For any considering an upcoming course themselves, I would suggest these prerequisites:

  • At least a passing familiarity with basic concepts of OCR and document capture.
  • A rudimentary knowledge of web application concepts. For instance, what the uses of e.g. logging or scripting might be, in a general sense.
  • A basic technical grasp of regular expressions, particularly of the Java flavor. For anyone new to this topic, going through this tutorial series ought to be a sufficient start.

Overall, the course was of great benefit, and time well invested. I feel Ephesoft has demonstrated great promise both with their document capture system itself, and with the company’s exceptional commitment to further development and to relationships with their partners. We are excited to see how Ephesoft’s development will continue to enable the creation of more robust and capable end-to-end solutions for our clients.

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