Ephesoft’s Inaugural Partner & End User Conference

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Mark you calendars! Ephesoft recently announced that the 2015 Inaugural Partner and End User Conference will be held on March 15 – 18 in Dana Point, California at the Laguna Cliffs Marriot Resort & Spa.

This conference will be Ephesoft’s primary annual event for channel partners, global customers and industry experts. Attendees will experience two and a half days of product updates, training, and networking activities – rumor has it there will also be some surprise entertainment.  Training sessions will focus on customer successes, market insights, and Ephesoft’s newest solutions.

I can hear you now saying “That sounds great Lisa, but wait, isn’t AIIM in March too”?  Yes!  In fact timing wise this couldn’t be better as the Ephesoft conference will be wrapping up just as the AIIM conference begins and Dana Point is just about an hour north of San Diego (which is where AIIM is being held).  For those of us that have to travel across the country, it will be a nice savings of time and money to combine the trips.

Are you interested in joining us? Be sure to save the date and check out Ephesoft’s website for newly released information on planning your trip!

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