Documentum Blog Roundup

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The Documentum blogging community has really grown over the past year or so. There are lots of people writing about Documentum these days, and there’s never been more perspectives on what’s happening with the technology and with EMC’s Content Management and Archiving group.

Here’s a list of the Documentum-related blogs I read regularly.

  • Craig’s Musings – I first met Craig Randall at a Documentum conference about a million years ago. At that time, Craig was the king of Documentum’s Desktop Client and guru of their Microsoft technology strategy. Today, he’s one of EMC’s biggest brains and one of their best bloggers. I read everything he writes.
  • Ask Johnny! – I think everyone in the Documentum community knows about Johnny Gee. He’s the most prolific member of the community that I know, answering more questions on dm_developer and EMC’s forums and everyone else combined. Johnny is a great guy and has been around for years – he really knows his stuff. Johnny doesn’t blog that much anymore, but his archives are full of great content.
  • Word of Pie – Pie is one of the most prolific bloggers in the Documentum blogosphere. His posts range from technical how-to articles to opinion pieces and book reviews. Along with Big Men on Content, he’s one of the few bloggers that really expresses an opinion. I like that.
  • Big Men on Content – Run by Lee Dallas and Marko Sillanpaa, this blog covers Documentum and the broader ECM industry as well. I’ve known Lee for over ten years, and I’ve always enjoyed his opinions.
  • Paul Warren – Paul is an EMC developer focused (I think) on Documentum Composer. His blog posts are typically technical and very useful.
  • Brilliant Leap – This is the blog for Selective Search, a recruiting agency run by Virginia Backaitis, who has been a member of the Documentum community for (I’m guessing here) more than 10 years. I’ve know her for 7 or 8 years at least. This blog is not technical, and it focuses mostly on EMC’s sales and marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Observing Content Management – Lee Smith is not a frequent blogger, but when he does, he speaks about his personal experiences with Documentum and his thoughts on the industry.
  • Never Talk When You Can Nod – Andrew Chapman is the GM of the SharePoint Technologies Group for EMC’s CMA group. We’ve been friends for several years, I think, and Andrew is really a super great guy. His blog mostly covers topics related to how SharePoint integrates with Documentum.
  • Say Scheveningen – This is Don Robertson’s blog full of Documentum technical tips. Really good stuff in here.

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