Documentum 4.1 Error Message Reference

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How do you get more detailed information about what causes errors and what to do to fix them?
Documentum does not currently publish a detailed list of its error messages in any of its reference manuals.
However, Documentum does provide a list of its error messages in another location. This list actually gets installed
when you install the Documentum server. There is a subdirectory called messages inside the product directory on the server.
This directory is filled with several files that contain detailed information about the different informational,
warning, and error messages that Documentum can generate. Each file is named for a particular subsystem.
For example, the file that contains information about the DM_SESSION subsystem is named dmsess.e.

As a service to the Documentum developer community, dm_developer has parsed Documentum 4.1 error message files into HTML format.

…or if you’d rather download all the messages in a single more easily searchable HTML file (179k zipped), here’s the link:


If you’d like to download all the messages in HTML format (360k zipped), here’s the link:

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