Building Your CMIS Toolkit: Querying and Updating Alfresco from External Applications

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Did you ever have the need to just whip up a simple tool to programmatically update a set of documents?  Or maybe just do some in-depth queries of the repository to answer an executive’s questions about content within your repository?  Do you ever struggle with “where to start” when trying to fulfill what seems like should be a simple ask?

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This webinar will provide you with techniques and resources for building your own toolkit for querying and modifying an Alfresco repository.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • CMIS provides an easy way to query and update Alfresco from remote applications
  • Create a reusable ‘toolkit’ that doesn’t require modifying Alfresco
  • Build a toolkit using the language of your choice (example: Python, Groovy, and Java, etc.) with Apache Chemistry


Gary Cox, Senior Consultant for ArgonDigital
Watch the Recording Now!

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