Bedrock is the Foundation to our Reusable Code Library

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It recently struck me that when discussing our reusable code library, we reference something called Bedrock and it is not often explained.

Built on the shoulders of scores of successful enterprise content management deployments, Bedrock is Blue Fish’s reusable code library and the platform for virtually every Blue Fish project. Developed and enhanced over several years, Bedrock allows us to deliver high quality customized solutions in a fraction of the time it would take for our clients to start from scratch. Because Bedrock components are being used in production systems throughout the world, they are tested, stable, and reliable.

Bedrock currently includes dozens of high-value utilities and tens of thousands of lines of code – and it’s growing by the day. Bedrock is especially valuable whenever we are developing customizations to Alfresco or Documentum, where it is leveraged to ensure production quality, scalable, and supportable solutions that can be created surprisingly efficiently.

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