Alfresco – A $45 Million Disruption

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Great news for Alfresco Users! A press release recently dropped announcing that Alfresco has secured a $45 million funding deal. If you didn’t know, Alfresco is growing by more than thirty percent annually at triple the pace of the ECM market overall. It looks like we’re not the only ones that think Alfresco is a great bet!

With this round of funding, Alfresco will move forward with upping the global velocity of their Go-to-Market. Alfresco lives and breathes their “Simple + Smart” tagline, making this news especially positive because an increase in product development means an increase in user experience!

Alfresco CEO, Doug Dennerline gave a few reasons why Alfresco is disrupting the ECM market in his recent blog post The Road Less Traveled in Enterprise Content Management.  One reason that particularly resonated with me is this – Doug mentions that “Having the freedom to enjoy all the benefits of the Cloud – while also gaining the advantages of an on-premise environment is the Holy Grail.”  He continues:

“While many companies today have highly-valued content that IT will never trust to anything but an on-premise environment, others desire to have the freedom and efficiency of the Cloud. In addition, many enterprises would prefer the best of both, where they can choose the cloud for some content while keeping other content on premises. Hence ECM customers seek deployment options to meet their IT departments’ preference—whether it be on premise, Cloud or via a hybrid approach. Alfresco is the hybrid solution that provides all these options. Having the ability to replace legacy, on-premise only solutions with a hybrid approach appeals to both the IT department and the end user. We give the end-user and IT the freedom to develop on top of the cloud platform for today’s mobile workforce, with the same compliance benefits of an on-premise solution.”

I really believe nobody else in the industry is tackling this problem in the same way at the same scale as Alfresco.

Get the full blog post here with more interesting perspectives from Doug on why investors are betting on Alfresco.

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